Off Road Trails & Maps

There are several good trails in the Annapolis Valley that are great for biking. Several of the walking/hiking trails are also open to mountain bikers.

Wolfville Bike Park
A brand new mountain bike skills park and trail network is proposed to be built in the Town’s existing “Reservoir Park”. It is exciting to hear that the trails will be mountain bike preferred use, a first for the Wolfville area. There will be 4km’s of varying difficulty level trail from beginner to advanced single track.

A huge mountain bike skills park is also planned. The park will include lots of fun and challenging things to ride such as drop offs, jumps, teeter-totters, narrow bridges, rock and log obstacles and a trials riding area. I am stoked to hear that a pump track is also on the list of things to be constructed.

Kentville Partipark

Kings County has many great trails for mountain bikes. One of the most popular is the Participark in Kentville. The park has 64.5 acres of natural woodland. Through this natural woodland, several trails have been cut for walking, hiking and biking. The trails are kept up by the AVMBA and are in great shape.

Every year in late August Kentville holds its annual Bike Festival at the Kentville Partipark. This is a full weekend event that is becoming more popular every year. There are five different events to enter plus guided group rides held all weekend.

You can enter the Participark by two ways. Pick up on the footpath off Grant Street, or park in the parking lot off Gladys Porter Drive and enter the park from there. Both entrances have interpretive signage for your information.

Cape Blomidon Trails

The Cape Blomidon Trails are great for walking-hiking or for mountain bikes. The Cape Blomidon Provincial Park provide 12.8 km (18 mi) of the most scenic of the Kings County trails. They have four trails each one a little more challenging, but the scenery just keeps getting better also.

The Gorge, Kentville

The Gorge in Kentville has a very nice trail for mountain biking. The main loop is 2.5 miles long, but there are several places where you may branch off the easier loop and explore more challenging sections. The main trail follows along the perimeter of the gorge with zigzags across the “Crazy Creek”. Other sections of the trails follow the creek bed and have some more challenging paths up and down the banks.

Anima Mundi
Trail head is located just beyond the driveway at 360/365 East Davidson St. on the Gaspereau Mountain.Tight, twisty trail with some great flow! Excellent trail system beginners with a good skills base and intermediate riders. Not much in the way of climbing. Many of the trails have the feel of a pump track, rolling up and down on the small mounds that make up the terrain.A large map sign is found at the trail head and smaller maps are placed on trail at various intersections. Look to spend 1-2 hours riding here.

Black Rock Mountain Bike Trail

Approximately 12 miles west of Kentville in Black Rock is a very good 18 mile loop mountain bike trail. The trail starts near the Black Rock Beach lighthouse, along the beautiful Bay of Fundy. You will follow the coast for a bit and then start your climb up the mountain. Once on top the view is outstanding. Continue down the other side into the Annapolis Valley where you will ride through some rich orchard land. Then it is back over the mountain again and return to the coast.

Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail

The Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail is both for hikers and mountain bikes. From Annapolis Royal follow the highway across the causeway and through Granville Center. Turn left onto the Parker Mountain Road and travel over the North Mountain. At the stop sign turn left and follow this road along the shore to where the road ends at Delaps Cove. On the big turn just before the camping park look for the signs on the left side of the road. Turn onto the woods road and follow it to the parking area for the trails.

You may view the map or pick up one of the interpretive brochures at the trailhead. Total length of the trail is 9 km; which is broken up into three sections, The Bohaker Trail, The Charles Trail and The Shore Road Trail. The Shore Road Trail actually joins the other two trails together.

Along the trail you will travel through variety of vegetation including woods and fields where there was once a thriving African settlement. You will see many signs of this community even though there is only one house still standing. The trail will also take you down to the shores of the Bay of Fundy where you will have some of the best views of the Bay. There is a lookout at the top of Bohaker Falls that makes a great Kodak moment.

The Roxbury Road Trail

Another one of the longer Annapolis County trails is the Roxbury Road Trail at a length of 7 km. This trail is great for walking-hiking and for mountain bikes. The trail is owned by the Department of Transportation and is open year round.

The Black Rock Trails

The Black Rock Trails are great for hiking, mountain biking, or on horseback. The Black Rock Trails include 4 loops totaling 20 km. They are located on privately owned property; however the public is welcome to use them as long as they respect the land. They are open year round.

The Cape Split Trail

The Cape Split Trail is another one of the scenic Kings County trails. These two trails are great for hiking, mountain bikes, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. The fantastic views of the fishhook shaped peninsula of Cape Split can only be viewed by the trails or by boat.

The Woodville Hiking Trails
Woodville Trails Map
The Woodville Hiking Trails in Kings County are great for hiking, mountain bikes, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. In total they are approximately 10 km long over Crown Land. They are made up from old intersecting log roads which the community have separated and marked to make up six distinct trails.

The Gaspereau Canal Trail

The Gaspereau Canal trail is great for hiking and mountain biking. It is owned by the Nova Scotia Power Corporation. It is 5 km long and is open year round.

Lockhart Ryan Memorial Park Trails

The Lockhart Ryan Memorial Park has quite a large system of multi-use trails which are great for walking-hiking, mountain biking and cross country skiing. The trails are owned by the Municipality of Kings and are located just on the outskirts of Kentville. They are a part of a sixty-acre community recreational park.

The South Shore Annapolis Valley Trail

The South Shore Annapolis Valley Trail will be the longest of the Annapolis County Trails when completed. The trail follows along the former Canadian National Railroad Line which previously ran from the Annapolis Valley to Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. When this trail is completed it will be 122 km long. At present it is in the process of being developed over to a multi-use trail.

The Old Winchester Road Trail

The Old Winchester Road Trail is 5.4 km long and is great for walking, hiking, mountain biking and cross country skiing. It is owned by Elizabeth & Art Oakley at the Winchester Farm Cabins and is open all year round.

The Belleisle Marsh Trail

The Belleisle Marsh Trail travels over protected marsh and water fowl land. The trail is great for walking – hiking and mountain biking. The dirt ox-cart track trail over the flat land makes an easy family walk or biking experience. The total distance of the loop is 8.2 km (5.1 miles).

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